The Easiest Way To Enjoy Cannabis In Denver Without Getting Ripped Off

Not sure where to find top-notch cannabis stores in Denver? Make sure you don’t take a gamble on just any pot shop.

There are plenty of shady guys out there who target unsuspecting travelers by selling bunk, lung-ravaging herb. Often, the stuff looks like delicious bud but doesn’t do the trick.

On top of that, you might even be buying from an unlicensed store without knowing it – that could get you in trouble with the cops. Although Amendment 64 made it legal to smoke and possess marijuana in Colorado, there are still rules on the sale of cannabis. And sometimes, it’s tough to know which stores are legit.

So if you want to smoke some terrific cannabis without having to worry about those shady retailers, order one of Cultivated Travel’s Concierge Packages. We’ll hand-deliver a cool little kit right to your hotel room or business that has everything you need to start enjoying juicy, top-notch cannabis instantly. Here’s what our packages provide:

Expert info for stress-free travel

Each Concierge Package includes an information booklet that will answer your questions about marijuana laws in Denver. You’ll get all the details on where you’re allowed to smoke, how to legally obtain cannabis and other important info. Still have questions? Give us a call and we’ll answer them for you.

Smoke right away with pipes & vaporizers

You know you can’t pack that resin-coated pipe on a plane. So rather than having to hunt for a shop that sells stellar smoking devices, let us hand-deliver one right to your hotel room. Order a package with a vaporizer and you also won’t have to worry about filling your five-star room up with smoke.

Munchies and local sundries that go perfectly with cannabis

Each of our Concierge Packages is also filled with goodies like chocolate and popcorn made right here in Denver. Plus, the packages include some amazing stimulating teas – perfect for sipping in your hotel room while enjoying Colorado’s premium bud.

  • Gold


    • Hand Blown Glass and Flame
    • Locally Sourced Sundries
    • Colorado Herbal Tea


    • Premium Rental Vaporizer
    • Locally Sourced Sundries
    • Colorado Herbal Tea


    • Premium Vaporizer Included
    • Locally Sourced Sundries
    • Colorado Herbal Tea