About Us

We Make It Easier For You To Enjoy Marijuana While Traveling

Cultivated Travel is a company that’s dedicated to only one thing: helping travelers explore the world while enjoying top-notch cannabis. We cater to those who like hip hotels, hopping clubs and getting the full VIP treatment whenever they go.

And most of all, we serve smart travelers who want peace of mind knowing their 420-friendly trip is as stress-free as possible.

We’re on a mission to help folks like you

Our company’s head honcho Mark has roamed the globe in search of the ultimate 420-friendly

travel experience. He’s been everywhere from Japan and China to New Zealand and Costa Rica.

And while chillin’ in these awesome locales, he’s discovered one thing: traveling can be pretty tough

for those who enjoy cannabis. He’s dealt with some pretty intense challenges while traveling 420-

style both overseas and even right here in the good ol’ USA.

But after 20 years of globetrotting and planning 420-friendly trips for his friends, family and co-workers, Mark’s developed a solid understanding of how marijuana aficionados can get the most out of traveling. Now, he wants to share all that knowledge with people like you.

Backed by a lawyer with expertise in marijuana law, our team at Cultivated Travel is also able to provide you with all the information needed to make your trip as hassle-free as possible.

Our local experience makes us shine

Mark is a Denver local who knows every detail of his city’s 420 scene: the best cannabis stores, the

most laid-back bars and the funkiest concert venues in Colorado. And that means he can help you experience the best this city has to offer. From grow operation tours and hotel recommendations to traditional travel agent services, Mark’s got you covered.

Give us a shout & let’s chat

Interested in adding a few 420-friendly features to your next trip? Not sure where to start? Give

Cultivated Travel a call and we’ll help you out. Click here to contact us.