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Welcome to Cultivated Travel, the number one destination for marijuana tours in Colorado and other metropolitan centers of the world. Cultivated Travel helps cannabis connoisseurs get the best 4/20 experience no matter where their destination: from navigating the legal complexities, booking hotel rooms, and finding the most legitimate cannabis stores, Cultivated Travel does it all.
Cultivated Travel's founder Mark learned first-hand the difficulties of traveling while enjoying high-quality marijuana. From unlicensed cannabis stores and bars, differing laws on marijuana, and banning of pipes and vaporizers, it seemed like traveling comfortably with cannabis was impossible. Far too many innocent people have been unknowingly caught in legal problems due to misinformation, and lack of better resources. People would frequently sacrifice a potentially memorable experience out of fear of overstepping the law, or inexperience about the best places to visit during a trip. 
All this is about to change. Cultivated Travel has a wide variety of packages and services which include (but certainly aren't limited to): providing information and transportation licensed cannabis retailers, grow operation tours, tickets to exclusive sports games and concerts, straightforward advice for safely acting within the law, standard travel agency services, and more. Cultivated Travel combines a traditional travel agency with smart legal advice to guarantee every traveler the best experience possible. 
Currently based in Colorado, Cultivated Travel plans to expand to cities around to globe to support the cannabis community around the world. As the world continues to change regarding marijuana, Cultivated Travel is here to help you overcome all the obstacles.

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Our travel experts know all the most stellar bars, sweetest restaurants & best cannabis shops in the city -- and they’ll ensure your Denver trip is truly epic.

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We’ll deliver a Concierge Package to your hotel room that’ll make it easy to enjoy cannabis even if you don’t know where to get it.

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With local travel experts & a lawyer on staff, we’ll help ensure you won’t break any rules or get ripped off by bunk-bud retailers.

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